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First of all, thank you for being patient and looking forward to our products.

Check order status and delivery date
If the order status cannot be found in the record, you can contact our customer service by email; in addition, due to the high demand, the logistics is not affected by any external factors, and the goods are basically delivered on time, and special circumstances may cause some The delivery of the goods is later than expected, so you can also apply for after-sales

After placing the order, you'd better check whether the order is successful.
You can also check if you have received an order confirmation email. The order confirmation email is usually sent within a few minutes after the order is placed. If it is not received, it means that the order was not successfully placed. In this case, we will not charge a fee, and the deduction of the credit card pre-authorized amount is also temporary. If you want to cancel the order, you can directly initiate a refund application. If it is unsuccessful, you can also communicate with the customer service via email to refund. Finally, I wish you a happy shopping!

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